Polyzonic Produceions


It was found at 2015 by Pei Jung Wang. 

Polyzonic Productions is a young team. We tell the story throng the camera. Our first youtube series show named "ARTphiba". In this show we interview artist from all over the world making art work and having different Identities to survive in  New York. And second web series is "Hello! Hello! New York" it's about the fun and interesting shop in NYC.

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It's our first adventure.

As artists ourselves, we decided to look for other artists that come from other countries, and work in different jobs to support their artist dreams in New York. By documenting the journeys, we see not only struggles, but the power of dreams.

Here comes the sixth episode of ARTphibia. The artist is lovely lady from Basque Country her name is Izaskun Zabala. She is amazing jewelry designer. Every centimeter and every millimeter that matter. This is what Izaskun Zabala does when she is working on her jewelry. And working on everything with her own hands.

In this episode of ARTphibia we are so grateful have Alvaro Luna. He came from Peru. Now is the artist working on watercolor, Sculpture and making chocolate. It was a really cool experience to join part of his life. Enjoy the show.
Elle Anhorn is a lovely lady from Canada. Four years ago she came to New York for more acting training. In addition to work on commercial let's see what else she developing in this Concrete jungle! What's your next step to achieve your dream? Music video clips Madonna - Bith I'm Madonna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hPMm...
We are so grateful to feature the amazing artist Magda Love in our third episode of the ARTphibia series! Let's see her beautiful art works and crazy experience in NYC. Love and dream make world go around.
Subscribe to PolyZonic here: https://goo.gl/yjyxyc It's our pleasure to have the remarkable dancers InTW featured in our second episode of the ARTphibia series! What's your next step to achieve your dream?
Subscribe to PolyZonic here: https://goo.gl/yjyxyc We're glad to have the fantastic band MetroNomads featured in our very first episode of the ARTphibia series! What your dreams are made of? Check out MetroNamads here: http://www.metronomads.com/ Follow PolyZonic here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polyzonicnyc Instagram: https://instagram.com/polyzonicny/

Hello! Hello! New York

New York is a very vivacious city.

In this web series we will guide you to the interesting stores and restaurants. Are you Excited?! Follow us to enjoy this amazing city.


I'm Weird. You're Weird. Let Me Sell You Furniture. Selling Mid-Century, Boho, and Danish Modern to the good people of Brooklyn. Says Copper+Plaid. Copper+Plaid is a vintage store at Greenpoint in Brooklyn. Erick is the owner of the store and she has a huge passion for vintage and antique furnitures.

Little Choc Apothecary is NYC 1st 100% vegan restaurant! They offer a creative selection of sweet and savory crepes, as well as homemade baked goods. Go try all the different flavors and don't forget to have a "Peachy Afternoon" with you in the summer days.

Team member

Producer :  Pei Jung Wang

Camera man :  Pei Jung Wang | Yung Jen Yang | Bianca Yeh

Photographer :  Yi-Chung Chen

Logo Designer :  Jeremy Sie

Music and sound :  Dong Liu 

Video editing | Animation :  Pei Jung Wang