About Me


On the very first day I arrived in New York, 

I had the very first fortune cookie in my life. 

Excitedly unfolding that tiny paper roll, not knowing what to expect.

Then, words popped out right to my face and screamed silently,

“You are free to invent your life.”


I’ll take it. Definitely.



Pei Jung Wang was born in Taiwan. Came to New York in 2011 and studied animation at Lehman College CUNY. Currently working as a NYC-based professional freelance videographer, video editor, animator, and illustrator. 

Customer list: 

We Are Plus, Visionarists, Paramount Network, CTM Sisters Productions, Garden Collage, TaiwaneseWaves, Dealmoon, Palli Cafarelli, and Ralph Lauren.

Polyzonic Productions

Pei Jung Wang is also the founder of Polyzonic Productions since 2015. 

She loves to tell stories with her camera and her Polyzonic production team. 

Check out her growing self-projects, documentary web series “ARTphibia” and fun show web series “Hello! Hello! New York” for newest updates.

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PJ the wizard


Pei Jung Wang is also a talented illustrator. Underwater species and mushrooms are her favorite inspiration sources. She works with watercolor, ink and pencil, constantly experimenting possibility of mixed media.

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“DON’T WRITE ME OFF” – Short Film

WorldFest Houston (2019)_Best Short Film Winner

Los Angeles Film Awards (2019)_Narrative Short Winner

Gold Movie Awards (2019)_Best Trailer     Winner

“Locked Alone” – Film

Yellow Fever Indie Film Festival 2019 Official Selection

I Went Ahead and Did It Anyway – 2D ANIMATION

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2018          Official Selection

ILos Angeles Film Awards 2017 Official Selection

SHORT to the Point 2017 Official Selection

ARFF Paris International Film Festival 2017 Official Selection


ARTphibia x Magda Love – WEB SERIES

Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Television Awards, 2016 Official Selection

Not Much To Say – 3D ANIMATION